One of the demons all North Dakotans know about is snow. Where and what to do with it comes into play during wintertime

I live in an apartment building, and just recently discovered the DON'TS when it comes to snow removal. Sure we have people come and plow our parking lot from time to time, but when mother nature drops another load of the white stuff suddenly, well some people get out their shovel and basically fend for themself-as in clearing out their designated parking spot and tossing the snow anywhere they can ( like on to their neighbor's slot ) This, of course, causes problems.

There is a father and daughter in town that have taken it upon themselves to be of service

A North Dakotan native has rolled up his sleeves along with his 12-year-old daughter to get out in the frigid temperatures and help out his community. According to KX NET "Matthew and 12-year-old daughter Jazzlynn Rudel go out and clean off driveways and sidewalks for residents in the community" Getting back to what I was talking about earlier, many people complain when the snow that has been plowed ends up at the end of their driveway, which is how Matthew go involved. He and his daughter began to team up and do some good, and Jazzlynn loves that.

" them if they need it"

When people are short-handed, the father/daughter team shines. KX NET added "...some people may not have the equipment, don’t have enough money……..We can come out here and help them if they need help.” Jazzlynn said. That sums up what North Dakotans are all about.


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