High beer consumption in the Dakotas is not a new headline. However, apparently the special Delta Connection flight 4561 from Fargo (FAR) to Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) didn't get the memo. The flight on Saturday, January 7th, 2023  was not prepared for the fans of North Dakota State University and South Dakota State University.  On a flight that was made special just for the Frisco, Texas-bound fans for the epic NCAA Division I FCS Championship game, the fans surprised the aircraft crews by how much celebrating was going to take place.


According to EyeOnTheFlyer.com, the flight was drunk dry of alcohol about 2/3rds thru the flight. A flight that only had 54 passengers on the Delta Embraer 175. A source on board the Delta Connection texted Eye of the Flyer, "About 2/3 thru our flight, the flight attendants announced that they discovered we were a party group."

Delta does not have a normal schedule for operating non-stop flights between Fargo and Dallas, this was a specially scheduled revenue flight operated by SkyWest. However, for NDSU Bison fans with this latest attempt at a Championship Title, the 10th trip in 12 years, for many alumni Frisco, Texas has become a winter vacation destination.

Here is a look at the stats on how or where North Dakota or South Dakota ranks in beer consumption rates. Per capita according to BeerInfo.com, here is the breakdown.

Top 5 in Beer Consumption

  • North Dakota - 45.8 gallons
  • New Hampshire - 43.9 gallons
  • Montana - 41.0 gallons
  • South Dakota - 38.9 gallons
  • The Beer Institute BeerInfo.com - CANVA
    The Beer Institute
    BeerInfo.com - CANVA

    Next time there is such an EPIC game as this NCAA Division I FCS Championship, believe it is safe to say that the cabin crews will remember this group of flyers.

    Congrats to the South Dakota State Jackrabbits in a 45 - 21 win over the North Dakota State Bison.

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