Seems like a thousand years ago back when I was in school, there are some memories that still haunt me, like how much I hated being there. My own fault was that I had zero motivation, nothing inspired me. I do remember the days in elementary when one of our parents would show up, stand in front of the class (horrifying mostly for me) and tell all of us about the career path they chose (my father was a principal and my mom was a teacher). Of course, the kids that really stood out were the ones that had a parent show up wearing a firefighter or police officer uniform. I mean as much as I loved my dad, armed with a ruler as a display wasn't going to put me in instant celebrity mode. There is a seven-year-old girl here in Bismarck that is standing extra tall with pride, following in her father's path.

According to KFYRTV - at North Ridge Elementary School the assignment was given to fourth-graders to write a persuasive essay. Gabby Schell was motivated by her dad, Gabe, who is a Bismarck City Engineer. Driving around the city with her dad, she was able to see for herself a new trail that was constructed, or something we all take for granted, sidewalks. With her youthful spirit, she began to take an interest in keeping our Capital clean. This is where Gabby put her thoughts to paper and wrote a sparkling essay on the damages of littering - ruining our environment, putting animals' lives at risk to the carelessly tossed aside trash. Her words were powerful enough to make others think, to appreciate her passion. What drove her to write her powerful essay?  “I wanted Bismarck to make a change in the town"  - Gabby’s article was submitted and published in the local newspaper and has been shared dozens of times on social media.

Do yourself a favor, and click here to read her essay!



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