Do you remember the first job you ever had? I'm talking about the days when you finally earned money on your own (sadly though the weekly or monthly allowance from your parents was immediately cut off). One of the first things I learned was that there was actual WORK involved. I started learning how to show up on time and the real shocker -  when you see how much is taken out of your check for taxes.

Being responsible isn't easy, it kind of hits you in the face. There is a young lady in town who has her goals set high, and we are lucky to be able to quench our thirst thanks in part to her refreshing lemonade. According to KFYRTV  Abby Daniels has taken the traditional lemonade stand to a new level. She’s hoping to raise $2,700 by selling her SasyGals lemonade this summer. 

This motivated 12-year-old entrepreneur has been at it for a while now, she started her lemonade business three years ago when she took part in lemonade day. So if you have not had a chance to stop by, you are missing out, for it's not just your normal glass of ade, no way, check out her famous razzle-dazzle raspberry. She has a perfect name for her stand SasyGals lemonade.

     No doubt you will find yourself charmed by her smile and enthusiasm when you see her tomorrow (Saturday, May 8th ) at the Superslide amusement park. There is more to this terrific lady, I wrote earlier that she is trying to RAISE $2,700, but she fully intends on NOT keeping one penny for herself - Whatever she brings in will be donated to the Bismarck Cancer Center. "My grandma died a few years ago of cancer so I want to help people with cancer get better,”

There are very few people of any age that would do that - Abby you are awesome - a go-getter with an enormous heart!


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