In January 2021, a Mandan mother used a gun to hold off a home intruder who was a convicted child sex offender.

Back in January 2021, a Mandan woman, named Heather Faris, and her children had a shocking and life-changing experience in their own home. Heather's 11-year-old son, Jimi, came to tell her that there was a man looking throw his second-floor bedroom window. Heather sprung to action, holding off convicted child sex offender, Christopher Morrison, at gunpoint until he was arrested and taken away. What happened during and after that night still haunts Heather and her family.

Christopher Morrison has remained free since he was charged.

According to the Mandan Police Department, for the events of that night, Morrison was charged through the District Court with Criminal Mischief, Criminal Trespass, and Disorderly Conduct. But he never showed up for court and has been walking free for some time now. In fact, he was last living at a halfway house in Fargo when he walked away from it in mid-December 2021. There are no reports of seeing or hearing from him since.

While the Mandan Police Department says they are doing what they can, Heather and her family remain anxious and frustrated.

Now that it has been just over a year since that terrifying and frustrating night for Heather and her family, I have checked back with Heather and Deputy Chief Lori Flaten from the Mandan Police Department to see what is going on with the case at this time. The Mandan Police Department says they are doing what can be done about the case. Meanwhile, Heather and her family are suffering from the after-effects of what happened last January.

Since that January event, Heather and her family have been on-edge.

An event like this would definitely trigger a bit of PTSD, and Heather and her family have been on-edge. Heather told me she has more anxiety and is very aware of her surroundings. It is to the point that she always checks her place for any signs of intruders whenever she gets home. And anytime she sees a story about Morrison, she shares it on social media because she wants this dangerous person behind bars.

Because of what has happened, Heather says that she feels unsafe in her home and that it is completely unacceptable that Morrison is a free man. She also feels that her family's safety is not of importance to the Mandan Police Department.

The Mandan Police Department says that the court process will continue when Morrison is located.

When I asked Deputy Chief Lori Flaten from the Mandan Police Department about Heather's confusion and frustration with Morrison still being on the loose, she said that they do understand it.  She also said that the court process for the charges will continue when he is located and that the department will continue to follow up on leads of where Morrison might be.

If anyone happens to see Christopher Morrison, they are asked to contact local law enforcement.

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