A loss of life is tragic no matter what the circumstances

There was a man who lived here in Mandan that recently lost his life, this we know so far, according to the Mandan Police Department a male body was found around 7 pm last Friday night in the area of the trolley bridge in the 1900 block of 3rd Street Southeast. The man was unresponsive when he was spotted. He has been identified as 65-year-old Kevin Greybull - a man who has no permanent address, a possible homeless person who lost his life, and so far the situation is looking like he was murdered, but why?

Police are asking the public if anyone knows anything or saw the victim shortly before his death

There are a few facts that have been released by the police, one of them was the manner of his death. Someone last saw him Thursday night around 7:15 near the spot where his body was found. A news release from a couple of days ago reported "Greybull was wearing an orange Flyers shirt, khaki pants and grey shoes. If anyone saw Greybull from Thursday morning until Friday evening, or has any information regarding Greybull, we ask that you contact the Mandan Police Department at 701-667-3250"

Mandan Police Department
Mandan Police Department

Who knows what kind of people this man knew in his life

To me, the sad thing is whether he had any immediate family or not. One thing is clear, a man lost his life, whether he was homeless or not I hope the police will arrest the person or persons who did this.


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