I want to take a couple of minutes to share with you a conversation I had last December with Sergeant David Raugust from the Mandan Police Department. A 15-year veteran of the force, I met this officer while he was at the scene of a traffic accident right in front of our radio station. I have always been fascinated with the enormous tasks the men and women in law enforcement face every day. The obvious role of a police officer is to serve and protect - they also face split-second decisions that sometimes can be scrutinized and judged days or weeks later. Sergeant Raugust's favorite part of his job is watching the community grow and having the responsibility of keeping us safe.

All cities, big or small come across drugs - while sitting in my office, Raugust pulled out what's called Narcan. This is an opioid antagonist used for the complete or partial reversal of opioid overdose. I asked him some of the drugs that are out and about in town - Meth, and Heroin - it is not uncommon for a Mandan Police officer to save someone's life. This is yet another part of their job that 99.9% of us fail to see or even know about it. One of the hardest parts of Sergeant Raugust's job is frustration - "You just want to save the world, and you can't" 

Here is another really cool part of this married man's ( has two daughters ) personality - When patrolling our city, he comes across now and then someone who will buy him a cup of coffee, or offer to pick up a quick drive-thru bite to eat - "Thank you for your service" - David quicky replies back with "Thank you for YOURS"    Think about that for a second, he truly cares about each and everyone he comes across on a typical day at work ( that any second could test all the experience 15 years brings you in his profession )

The last paragraph really says it all about his character, his dedication, and his commitment - We are lucky to have him and the Mandan Police Department.

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