Well to begin with I wouldn't want to put myself in that situation
Easier said than done, however, for every single day or night of the year people take that chance, they "Spin that wheel", they get behind the wheel and drive after they drank alcohol. I'm certainly no stranger to that. Years ago when I did drink, my judgment was extremely dangerous, "I'm only going home, I can make it" - doesn't matter if you are driving around the block - the threat is there, and it takes a split-second to kill someone, or yourself.

"Well listen, I know I can legally have a couple of beers and still drive..."
That may be true, but here is the thing, WHY risk it? Especially around the holidays  - warmer temperatures, more people are out and about. Now just the other day I heard someone talking about what THEY thought their rights were, as far as being pulled over by the police. Should an officer suspect you have been drinking and pull you over, can you refuse to take the breath test?

The legal blood-alcohol limit in North Dakota is 0.08 percent
Some people might think they can drink JUST two beers and still be safe to drive, but once again I wouldn't risk it. The question I heard the other day is "Can you refuse to take the breath test if you are pulled over?" - my guess was that you could face consequences for refusing the test - and the answer I received was from the Mandan Police Department.

You say "no thanks" to the breath test - a police officer who suspects you may driving impaired...
...can and most likely will arrest you under the suspicion of a DUI. If you google that same question you might find some different answers - Simple solution is this - TAKE THE TEST - even if you THINK you are under the legal limit, don't be stubborn about it, take the test and you'll have the proof right there, REFUSE and you could find yourself behind bars.


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