KFGO reports that close to 100 horses and 20 cattle were rescued and saved from deplorable conditions from Stark County.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images
Matt Cardy / Getty Images

The Stark County Sheriff's department was on the scene to rescue the livestock from a ranch near Gladstone, N.D. A judge ordered the rescue earlier this week.

The animals were skin and bones, neglected and several of the animals were ready to give birth. The animals on schedule to go to slaughter in Canada, but after negotiations, the cattle were saved and transported to Triple H Rescue in Mandan where they are being cared for.

One veterinarian on scene said this was the worst case of animal abuse she has encountered.

Some of the livestock will be sold at auction, the horses, will be adopted once they are in better health.

The Assistant State's Attorney says charges could be on the way as this is one of the worst animal abuse cases in recent history.



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