Credit card debt in the United States could be at $100 billion by the end of the year.

People are racking up their credit card debt, thanks to the financial crisis the pandemic has put us in. According to WalletHub, even though the 10-year average consumer credit card debt in the United States is at $45.6 billion, "consumers will end the year with a net addition of $100 billion in credit card debt."

Where does North Dakota rank on the list of credit card debt in the United States?

Even though North Dakotans do carry a bit of credit card debt, our state as a whole is doing better than 47 other states! We came in at 48 on the WalletHub list ranking state credit card debt. So, just how much credit card debt are North Dakotans carrying?

How much credit card debt do North Dakotans hold?

WalletHub reports that the current credit card debt for all credit cardholders in North Dakota is $1,819,023,008 (if you think that is a big number, California's debt is insane - $111,283,218,656). And the average individual in North Dakota holds $6,081 in credit card debt.

Before this year, I had only ever had a store credit card for a store I once worked at. I am not a big fan of credit but, a few months ago, Capital One sent me an offer I could not refuse. So, I finally bit the bullet and I actually do love my credit card. As long as you do your research and know how to play "the credit card game" to favor yourself, it is entirely possible to possess a credit card not rack up a ton of debt.

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