Riding the momentum is a tricky slope in the National Football League

We've all heard that sports term, especially in the National Football League "On Any Given Sunday, any team in the NFL can beat any other team" That was first said back in the 40s by De Benneville "Bert" Bell ( thanks to Wikipedia for that info ). When you think about it, it makes more sense now with the parody certain teams match up against each other with. A key injury in a vital position or a player is taken out of the game due to breaking the COVID-19 protocol, suddenly a team that is undefeated could lose to an awful squad like the New York Jets. Yesterday a game was lost and blamed on the officials, which isn't the first nor will it be the last time that excuse will be used.

Green Bay Packers Vs The Minnesota Vikings yesterday

This was a pretty huge game for the Minnesota Vikings, a win over the Packers would extend their winning streak to 2 games, even their overall record to 5 and 5, and keep them in the hunt in the NFC North. The game was in Minnesota and Aaron Rodgers would start his 2nd game in a row after his punishment for violating the COVID-19 ( he sat out one week ).

The game could have ended up with a patented Vikings missed field goal

This game was close and could have turned out ugly for the Vikings. On a rare occasion, instead of being up by like two points and the other team with the ball with only two minutes to play, this team the Vikings had the ball and the steering wheel, driving for a win. With just no time left on the clock, Minnesota fans watched Greg Joseph boot the winning 29-yard field goal. Final score - 34-31 Vikings!

The crying began and has not stopped

As soon as Aaron Rodgers took his "Owie" sore toe off the turf, Green Bay fans everywhere are saying they got robbed by the officials. According to startribune.com "...eight penalties for 92 yards on Green Bay, to just three for 25 on the Vikings, And in particular, an overturned interception near the end of regulation that changed the narrative on Cousins' day and possibly the Vikings' season"

Have another cup of "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Mommy"

Once again, if you missed it, FINAL SCORE: Minnesota 34 Cheese Balls 31

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