This is a story I just heard about only 10 minutes ago

I didn't know this about Rodger Goodell, the National Football League Commissioner - I mean yesterday I wrote a story about him responding to a very sarcastic, beer-drinking Vikings fan that began his show of mourning ( minutes after the Vikings were eliminated in post-season play by the New York Giants ) by calling out and cursing at Rodger, who was with a group of people walking off the field - click here to watch his response. So honestly I left work yesterday with the opinion that everyone in the world ( or at least in SKOL country ) hates Mr. Goodell. I was unaware he could deliver any kind of emotions that would touch our heart string - I was way wrong.

The main question I initially had yesterday was - "Why was Roger Goodell at the Minnesota - Giants game?"

I mean there was a total of 5 playoff games over the past weekend, and one last night - so WHY was he at the Viking game? Here is the answer to my own question - He was there to present the surprise of a lifetime to a young Minnesota fan. Before the game, he and the Vikings owners Zygi and Mark Wilf walked over to Charlie Huizinga - who has been battling an illness. According to "...they surprised a young fan with two tickets to the Super Bowl. In October, Charlie got to play catch with Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson – and blow the Gjallarhorn before a game – as part of his Make a Wish surprise"

A Fair Warning Before You watch This - Unlike Yesterday's Cameo Video, There Is No Foul Language To Worry About - Just Be Prepared To Shed A Tear Or Two

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