You can get into the Dakota Zoo for FREE on September 12.

Next Month, Cloverdale Foods Company is picking up the bill for admission to the Dakota Zoo. According to Cloverdale's Facebook page, the one-day free event is happening on September 12.

Have you been to the Dakota Zoo?

If you recently moved to the area, you may have yet to experience the Dakota Zoo. I know quite a few people who have wanted to go, but have not checked it out - myself included! But I actually spent some time in Sertoma park this past weekend, and now I am really intrigued to explore the zoo and all the other fun things in the park.

The phrase "I'm outdoorsy in that I like to get drunk on patios" pretty much describes me. I typically prefer activities that a person can do indoors. But, last week, I decided that I wanted to check out the beauty of the park area surrounding the Dakota Zoo. So, I went rollerskating on a trail in Sertoma Park.

While I did not expect to zip around the park in a matter of minutes, I did not realize how long the trails are or the cool area is that surrounds the zoo. It was a hot day, but the trails were lined with trees that shaded me from the sun. I saw tiny bunnies along the trail and skated past the SuperSlide Amusement Park. And there were people of all ages gleefully power walking, rollerblading, and bike riding.

That whole park and zoo section of town is so beautiful and I can't wait to actually get to walk around and see all the animals inside the zoo.

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