Former Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb who led Philadelphia to the Super Bowl in 2004 has some advice for Carson Wentz.

Though McNabb was at first skeptical of the moves the Eagles made - offering a lot of money to Sam Bradford, and then trading up to draft Carson Wentz - he now believes the Eagles made all the right choices.

"They have a quarterback for the future if he continues to stay healthy, if he continues to progress," McNabb told ESPN. "I like what I’m seeing from him in the pocket. He has the ability to use his legs. But you can definitely tell there’s a bright future with this kid.”

McNabb rode a roller coaster of emotions during his time as the Eagles quarterback. Though some would argue he was one of the best quarterbacks in the franchise's history, a tenure that included the team's only trip to the Super Bowl since 1980, the Syracuse graduate was also highly criticized by the Eagles faithful.

In fact, in an appearance on ESPN in 2012, McNabb argued that he was the most unfairly criticized quarterback in the history of the NFL.

McNabb understands the ups and downs of being a play caller in Philadelphia. After six career NFL games, Wentz has been widely praised despite some recent mistakes including two interceptions last week against the Vikings and a game ending interception a few weeks ago against the Lions.

Though Wentz right now is received in high regards from fans across North Dakota and Pennsylvania, McNabb says Wentz should not get used to it.

"First and foremost for him, don’t ride the wave. Don’t get caught up in all the love and everything that’s going on, the hoopla right now, because when things go south, you’ll find that you’ll go from the darling to the goat," McNabb said to ESPN. "You will be the one that everyone points the finger at and looks at sideways. But that’s the quarterback position. It’s an opportunity where you learn, you learn on the run, you learn in the workplace, of -- you go from a high to a low quickly and you may not even be prepared for it.”

McNabb and Wentz have spoken directly but only one time. They had a brief phone call prior to the draft. The two have not spoken since the Bismarck native became a member of the Eagles.

This Sunday night, Wentz will face another highly regarded rookie quarterback in Dak Prescott when the Eagles take on their division rival Dallas Cowboys for the first time this year.