"What to believe, What NOT to believe, THAT is the question". Sounds like an old William Shakespeare line. The key to staying positive, and doing your part to follow the "Self Isolation" code, is to remain calm. There are those people however, that take great delight STARTING rumors that spread quicker than the coronavirus itself. Social media is a very powerful weapon.The many ways we are connected to the outside world is amazing.When everyone's nerves are on edge anyway, a text message has been making it's ugly head visible. The message states false claims that the National Guard will mobilized to enforce a supposed nationwide quarantine and that "within 48 to 72 Hours, the president will evoke what is called the 'Stafford Act.'"

These erroneous messages have reached the United States.The relay from one person to another is running rampant.This is what causes such stress, and unneeded worry. Be alert to any maliscious internet hoax attempts. The ironic thing is, you can do your own follow up on what may appear to be false reports, on the internet.

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