According to an article on KX News, the North Dakota Attorney General is warning of several money scams going around the state and the country.  These scammers are looking to take advantage of lonely, isolated people.  COVID-19 has isolated more people than ever, and there's plenty of people looking to "cash in" on it.

I'm on both Facebook and Instagram and I receive suspicious "friend requests" from very attractive women almost weekly.  I've learned not to accept them, because the second you do, they're private messaging you.  It's the same ol' song and dance.  They say a bunch of flirty things to you, (with very broken English) and the next thing you know they're asking you for money.  I remember one woman was giving me a sob story how her mother was about to have a surgery in Russia, and needed a couple thousand dollars or it will be all over for her mom.  First off, these scammers probably are Men and not from this country judging by the broken English.

I just received a scam "probe" message if you will on Facebook the other day.  She's not my friend and notice the broken English?  Santa Das who lives in Syria.  (Red Flag)

facebook screen shot
facebook screen shot

These scammers will use a variety of tactics, including extortion to get money out of you.  For example, if you're married they may threaten you by going to your significant other with flirtatious messages you may have sent to the scammer.

According to a story on Fox 8, scammers have been making bank the last couple of years and especially in 2020.  The FBIA reported over $605 million in losses among 23,000 victims in 2020.  YIKES!

If it sounds to good to be true, (or looks) it is.  If you feel you've been the victim of love scammers, contact your local authorities and the North Dakota Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division.

Happy Valentines Everybody!



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