When the weather warms up, construction begins. And there will be construction along I-94 in Bismarck all summer long.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation will be doing construction between exits 156 and East of 161 which will last until late Fall. The construction will span a total of five miles.

All on and off ramps as well as the entire road in general will remain open throughout construction but in certain parts, the speed limit could be as low as 45mph…20mph below the normal speed limit. There will be lane closures as well.

Who doesn't love driving on a one lane highway with a 45mph speed limit?

ND DOT encourages workers who travel the route to leave 15 minutes earlier than usual.

And of course anyone coming through the Bismarck area coming from either direction should be prepared to slow down significantly in the Bismarck area. Most of I-94 has a speed limit of 75mph.

Electronic signs currently on the route say that construction will begin on April 24th.

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