The e-coli infection you've been hearing about has made its way to North Dakota.

KXMB News reports a first, and possible second case of the infection of the infection are under investigation in the state.

The lettuce carrying the infection is reportedly from the Yuma, Arizona area. The Centers For Disease Control say the outbreak has been identified in 26 states to date, not including North Dakota. One fatality has been confirmed from the infection, in California.

The state Department of Health has not yet provided any details about the age or gender of the person confirmed.

The symptoms of e-coli usually begin three to four days after in pathogen enters the body. E-coli in the worst cases can cause kidney failure and death.

The Department of Health advises you to avoid Romaine lettuce, unless you are reasonably sure it doesn't come from the Yuma area. Anyone showing symptoms of the disease should seek medical attention immediately.

[Sources: KXMB, Food Safety News]



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