Well, that was fast: Shortly after making its Sundance debut, the documentary 'The History of the Eagles, Part One' -- and its sequel, 'Part Two' -- has found a home at Showtime, where it'll premiere as part of a two-night event on Feb. 15 and 16.

As we reported previously, the two films separate the band's career pretty much the same way any Eagles fan might: 'Part One' covers their early years and their multi-platinum '70s success, culminating with the rancorous breakup following the release of 1979's 'The Long Run,' while 'Part Two' touches on the bandmembers' solo careers, their much-ballyhooed 1994 reunion, and their subsequent tours and recordings.

'History of the Eagles, Part One' is scheduled to premiere on Feb. 15, with 'Part Two' following the next day. In the meantime, 'Part One' is set to receive a smattering of theatrical screenings in Utah, where Sundance takes place. Presumably, this will be non-Showtime subscribers' only chance to see the movie until it reaches the home video market, so if you're a diehard Eagles fan who eschews pay cable channels, you might want to start looking into purchasing a plane ticket. And if you really love the band and have a few extra bucks burning a hole in your pocket, you may want to look into the online auction, currently underway, that will provide one lucky (and presumably much poorer) winner with an autographed guitar.

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