We all know money gets tight in the holiday season but someone appears to be opening a crowbar Christmas fund and it's affecting dozens of businesses in the Fargo/Moorhead area.

Since September there have been over 30 commercial burglaries in the region.

KVRR is reporting that law enforcement in Cass County, Faro, West Fargo and Moorhead are reaching out to area businesses suggesting they upgrade their security measures.

The majority of the incidents have occurred after hours in restaurants and bars. In the last month alone four burglaries have been investigated in Casselton and another in Horace. On the Minnesota side, break-ins have been reported at the Moorhead Burger Time, KFC, and Boulder Tap House.

Thieves are focusing on high cash flow businesses and finding access to be pretty simple- all you need is a crowbar and the cover of night. Security upgrades are recommended including cameras, alarms, and higher quality doors to prevent access.

There was a crime wave in the area about this same time last year but the target then was ATM machines.

You can check out that story here.  Throughout December and January, thieves were heisting ATMs in smaller Eastern North Dakota cities like Arthur and Litchville.

We could all use a little more cash during the Christmas season, including the dozens of business owners and operators that have been targeted during this crime spree. Police are asking anyone who witnesses suspicious behavior to call 701-451-7660.

Odds are they'll eventually get caught, because like habitual shoplifters it's not just what you steal, it's the thrill of getting away with it.  Let's hope authorities get them locked up soon.

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