Well, the much-awaited first round of the post-season National Football League playoffs took place yesterday...

...and on paper, the Minnesota Vikings certainly had a fighting chance - Winners of the NFC North Division at 13 and 4, they were all poised to be comfy at home ( U.S. Bank Stadium ) and face the New York Giants 9-7-1 ( whom they beat earlier in the year ). This was bound to be the year of the SKOL - there were excited Vikings everywhere, proudly wearing their purple, white, and gold uniforms - all great, right up until the Giants took a 14-7 first-quarter lead. At that point, you could just sense that January 15th, 2023 was not going to be our day. This was the second of three games played yesterday, and Minnesota was on prime time baby, but I guess the players themselves didn't get the memo - the defense got shoved around, and it was obvious. Of course, most of us knew it was going to come down to the very end of the game.

The Vikings had the ball and were driving toward a late 4th quarter touchdown that would send the game into overtime

That scenario took place, and the suspense was killing us all, but all season long it seemed that the Vikings would always prevail - remember back on December 17th when they trailed the Indianapolis Colts 33-0 at halftime? That same day they set an NFL record by rallying to beat Indy 39-36. So yesterday the Vikings faced a crucial 4th and 8 with just 1:51 left in the game - bad news  -they fell short and lost to the Giants 31-24 and saw their season end.

What the heck was Roger Goodell doing there?

Now you can imagine being in the stands and the Vikings and Kirk Cousins fall, you just finished your 9th beer and who do you see walking off the field but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and company - Here is where you can make a good impression on the man, right? RIGHT"

     ***Caution -There is some foul language


Mic-Drop For Roger...

...and the fan probably finished his beer and went home. Ahh, the life of a Minnesota Vikings Fan.


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