If you are wondering what it must be like to experience heaven, to see the sights, and be around others who share the same goal, it's right here in Bismarck

I have talked about this ideal place before, it is no stranger to Bismarck, North Dakota. A place where people come to be around others who share the same goal, to help those in need. What better way to provide meals than when you are in the midst of heavenly artwork. The Heavens Helpers Soup Café Ministry Center is about as perfect a place as you can possibly find.

Expanding and opening their arms even wider

If you take a quick visit and click on soupcafe.org. you will learn all about the origin of how this place got started. I spoke to Mark Meier, the director, back in September. This wonderful non-profit organization has been a huge part of Bismarck since 2009. Providing a warm place for those that need an even warmer meal. Since their opening, they have served souls that were in desperate need of caring people. They lost their lease back in 2015, and it took until 2018 when 220 N 23rd st became the home of Heavens Helpers Soup Cafe. According to KFYR TV "Heavens Helpers Soup Café continues to expand and offer more services for people in the community. The latest addition is a new Ministry Center"

Artwork on the wall by the hands of angels

This is one of the amazing things you can all let soak in when you walk into the café. KFYR TV added that "Alicia Broxmeyer and Shannon Wirrenga still can’t believe they created this: a mural inspired by one Bible verse. There’s a verse in Matthew about the narrow gate and the wide gate,” The wall that they initially started on has grown to three now.



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