Soon, kids will be heading back to school and as great as schools can be, they are also at times full with bullies.

Wallet Hub took on the task of exploring the issue of bullying in each state to see where it is the least and most prevalent.

This is a tough issue to tackle as not all instances of bullying are reported. But we have to go with the data we have.

Fortunately, bullying is not a huge issue across North Dakota but there is certainly room for improvement.

When looking at the overall rankings, North Dakota ranked No. 28 on the list where the No. 1 state (Michigan) has a high rate of bullying.

Source: WalletHub

The good news for North Dakota is that the state is among the best in the country when it comes to the lack of physical fights among High School students on school grounds. It's good to know our students are not physically fighting.

Additionally, there are actually laws in place where schools will have to pay fines if students skip school due to fear of bullying. North Dakota pays the least amount of these fines in the entire country.

For the sake of this study, Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon and Washington state were excluded due to lack of data.

Shockingly, Massachusetts scored the best in this study. It seems they have bullying under control.

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