Not unexpected, but let's all hope it stays rare.  KVRR is reporting that a Fargo Shanley High School football player has tested positive for coronavirus.

Shanley football has shut down all team activities after a positive coronavirus test, according to head coach, Troy Mattern. The next time the Deacons can return to the field is September 30th.

Well, Wednesday September 30th is a "church night" so that ain't gonna happen.  But, the report says the Deacons will return to the field on Friday, October 2nd against Grand Forks Red River.

BUT WAIT! There seems to be an issue with the Deacons' game that was scheduled for Friday September 25th against arch-rival Fargo North. (Not sure if they're really arch rivals but it sounded good.)

It seems the EDC (Eastern Dakota Conference) had built in a "bye" week to compensate for just such an occurrence.  Not sure how it works, again the Deacons are coming back October 2 against GFRR.

This happens at the same time as Fargo Public Schools have returned all junior high and high school students to return to distance-learing for at least two weeks.  That's a story my esteemed colleague Rockin' Rick was on early today.  Give it a read here.

How does a distance-learning school undertake football practices and games in the first place?  I'm not saying it's not possible, but a challenge yes? I know players this year who have been "exposed" to a positive COVID-19 carrier and they're away from their teams for long periods. Challenging.

Bubbles are hard to maintain.  I'm hoping everyone involved does what they can to keep the season rolling.

Stay safe y'all.

One more note- there's a Bison tailgate party for Saturday October 2nd at the Bismarck Event Center. There's a TON of details about that little shindig right here.

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