Many predict 3D printing is the future and a startup in Fargo has already begun doing something even more innovative.

CNN spoke to the company 3DomFuel about their ability to use coffee and beer to create items in a 3D printer.

Cofounder John Schneider tells CNN, "You can 3D print products made from beer, coffee and hemp."

It took a few tries to get the formula right but Schneider says they can make products like coffee filters and sleeves for coffee cups.

Unfortunately the material itself is not sufficient enough to make actual coffee cups as it is a plastic-like material that is not suited for hot beverages.

Schneider says the items that are created though smelled 'so good, like sweet latte.' However the smell only remains during the printing process. Once the item is printed, the smell goes away.

Using the coffee and beer is significantly more expensive than what 3D printers currently use but Schneider claims they are already seeing 'double-digit sales' for the materials.

Check out more information in the above CNN video or on CNN's website.