This is one of those things where we like to gauge... how good or bad is our neighborhood. One way to find out is to see if there ever was a meth lab near your home.

Fun Fact: Meth labs are also referred to as "Clandestine Laboratories." -- That's just a fancy way of saying secret or illicit labs.

A Little Random

I know this is a little out of left field, but since we have a way of finding out, why not use the resource available? If you're wondering what I'm talking about, there's a Meth-Lab Map put together by the American Addiction Center.

You can type in your address and pinpoint locations of former meth labs.

Now obviously, we can't look up current meth labs; I doubt anyone would want to come forward with that information. LBS. In any case, it's still interesting to know where the drug activity once was.

Warning: Once you know, there's no going back.


I typed in the address to our radio station and found that a meth lab had once been found not too far from it. We broadcast your favorite music just 2.36 miles from where a meth lab once was.

Total Meth Labs In North Dakota

The source also tells us how many meth labs have been discovered in North Dakota in total. Our state has had 66 meth labs to date.

States With The Most Meth Labs

The source found that Missouri has the highest number of meth labs overall, while Connecticut has the least.

I'm sure this is not the information you were expecting to get today, but you know what they say... "The more you know..."  Happy hunting!


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