It's not just cats in trees firemen can save.

Firefighters in Boston spring into action to save a dog that had fallen through the ice.

Someone called 911 earlier this month to report a person had become stuck in the ice, but when firefighters arrived they discovered that a dog had actually slipped through the ice at Jamaica Pond.

"It really didn’t matter whether it was a pet or a person," a fire department spokesman said. "We treat it the same."

Michael Ronayne was the hero. According to he "wore a water-rescue suit attached to a rope, crawled out onto the frozen pond." He moved swiftly onto the ice, overcoming a moment when he too fell through it, befire getting to the stranded pooch and bringing him back to safety.

Amazingly, the ordeal took only five minutes and the dog appeared to be uninjured.

Humans saving dogs who have fallen through ice is a sort of trend that has happened a few times in recent months.

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