Rules are created to help communities live together in harmony. Yet sometimes you just want to shove that ticket up someone's butt!

I'm not literally suggesting anyone stick a ticket up anyone else's butt.  First off, that's just straight-up assault.  Secondly, maybe your hand rejects the assignment.

But goodness sakes sometimes tickets are incredible nonsense!

Fortunately what got me thinking about tickets wasn't in fact me getting the ticket. On Sunday, Brenda and I were out house hunting up and down the streets of Bis/Man. Which house-hunting most likely could get you a peeping-tom ticket, you're just going around trying to peek into people's back yards.   We were "casing" a home in Mandan when the owner came out to bring out the trash. She actually ended up showing us around the home which was super sweet of her to do.

I'm jumping ahead of myself here- but don't park your trailer on the street!

Her and her hubby had an RV out in front of the house.  Now, they understood that ya can't go leave your RV parked out on the street for a long period of time.  So being considerate citizens they contracted a guy with a Bobcat to clear out and level a pad in their front yard where they could park the RV off the street.  He didn't finish the job in a day and decided to leave the Bobcat and the trailer transport on-site.

That's gonna cost them fifty bucks!

Since his trailer was on the street for more than 12 hours he got a $50.00 ticket even though it was parked in front of the house he was working on!  The homeowner was told they could hire a lawyer and most likely lose anyway because that's the restrictions put in place by the Mandan City Commission.  Is that even right? Tell 'em the story Bismarck Tribune...

Police Chief Lori Flaten proposed making it illegal for residents to park certain trailers, boat trailers and campers in front of a neighbor’s property during the Aug. 6 commission meeting. Residents are allowed to park trailers and campers in front of a driver’s own home to load and unload vehicles -- but for a maximum of 12 hours.

Flaten said her department has received complaints from residents about people parking large vehicles in front of their homes for more than the allowed time. Since May, the city has received 76 parking-related complaints about campers, trailers and boats, she said.

The commission on Tuesday voted 5-1 to approve the new ordinance, with Mayor Tim Helbling casting the vote in opposition.

So, I wasn't even directly involved in this ticket fiasco, which is good because it may have profoundly changed my perspective on life, but it's still BUGGING ME!  If you need a quick reference to ordinances in Bismarck/Mandan, here are a couple of convenient links...

City of Mandan

City of Bismarck

Now you may have been ticketed for a variety of offenses, may be an illegal yard sale sign on your boulevard, grass growing too high, car parked more than 48 hours in one spot, your dog is too loud or on the loose, the list goes on...You've been very patient to this point

Please share with us what ticket almost made your head explode!

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