BISMARCK, N.D. - According to KFRY-TV-North Dakota reported two coronavirus cases in Morton County Wednesday, marking seven total infected. The new cases are the first in the state caused by community spread, meaning it's unclear where they picked up the disease.

One of the bigger questions throughout the state of emergency declared just a week ago is when things will remain open and start to close? One thing that the governor mentioned is that he will keep businesses open. However, he is strongly recommending that businesses and other large venues shut down or at least adjust their hours to really attain that sense of individualistic responsibility as the state continues to fight COVID-19.

"For those states who are further ahead of us and have seen widespread and a steep escalation in cases, they would say, 'if you think you're doing things early, you might be on time, if you think you're doing it on time, you're probably late,'" Gov. Doug Burgum said.

An elementary student tested positive for the virus. Here's what school leaders had to say.  "The ND Department of Health informed Mandan Public Schools this evening (3/18) that a Ft. Lincoln student has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Those families of students that were potentially in close contact with the affected student have been notified by a letter from the NDDoH."

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