I'm sort of weird like that, I keep a calendar of all those types of events thoughout the year and as I was looking back at last year, I discovered it was one year ago on April 28th that the Philadelphia Eagles signed on Bismarck hometown hero, Carson Wentz.

Gregory Shamus / Getty Images
Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

Rumor has it the team is also celebrating with Carson on his anniversary with a team gathering and a replay of important Wentz highlights with the Eagles and his championship games with the Bison.

If you think about it, it's still pretty cool that a NDSU star and Bismarck boy is in the big leagues of the NFL! Without Carson and The Eagles, you know you would not see as many Eagle jerseys and garb around town, and I think it's still awesome we have Carson Wentz to look forward to in the NFL.




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