The plot thickens in a story about two women and their accused harasser. The Garrison police officer who was recently accused of harassment has resigned.

Last week, KX News reported that a Garrison police officer was placed on paid administrative leave while he was being investigated for harassment. The news station says that the officer resigned last Wednesday (September 23), and the investigation wrapped up that Friday.

If you need a reminder of the accusations against this officer, you can get the original story here. And you can also get my thoughts here.

What just happened? You have to wonder. Did the officer resign because he is guilty of the crimes he is accused of? Or did the officer resign because he could be perceived as guilty by society? I guess only time and evidence will *hopefully* reveal the truth.

If you Google "Garrison, North Dakota," you will find that the town has just under 1,500 residents (as of 2018). And before this harassment accusation situation, there were only two police officers in Garrison. In a town that size, any type of scandal would cause a person to feel exposed. Whether you are the accuser or the accused, people will know and people will talk.

So, whether the officer ends up being guilty or not, I can understand why he might want to just leave his position. Will he leave town, too?


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