Are the Bismarck Bird Scooters here to stay?

Were the Bird Scooters introduced to downtown Bismarck last year a success? The Bismarck City Commission says so. According to KX News, the Bismarck City Commission approved keeping the Bird Scooters downtown through December 31, 2022.

Mayor Steve Bakken is in favor of the city keeping the Bird Scooters. He thinks "It's a great addition to transportation options in the city," and he hopes that expanding the service area of the Bird Scooters will be an option in the future.

The Bird Scooters are cool, but there is definitely room for some improvement.

I have tried to use the Bird Scooters when I am downtown, but the few times I tried, I did not have much luck even getting one. One time, I was with a few people, and we could not find enough of them. Another time, I located one on my phone, but never found the scooter that my phone pinpointed.

How can Bird Scooter transportation be improved?

Just from personal experience, I think that there needs to be a better way to find the scooters. Yes, it is nice to try to locate them on the app, but I feel like the app is not entirely accurate. And it is nice to freely be able to drop the scooters off pretty much anywhere, I think it would be a bit nicer to have drop-off hubs throughout the service area. It would be a lot easier to find them if we always know exactly where they are.

How do you feel about Bismarck's Bird Scooters?

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