According to KX News, one of only two Garrison police officers is on paid leave due to the accusations of harassment from two women. The news report tells the story of two women, Briana Ogle and Rebecca Huston, and their encounters with a local police officer. So, what allegedly happened to these women when they interacted with the officer?

Briana Ogle claims the officer did things like making an inappropriate comment about her eye color, stroking her arm, touching her lower back, and watching her from his vehicle. Rebecca Huston claims the cop approached her, at a picnic table, while shutting off his body cam and making an obscene gesture. KX News has all the information on the investigation of a police officer in Garrison here.

Of course, this is all hearsay at this point in time, but the accounts given by Briana Ogle and Rebecca Huston are still disturbing ones. Just the few comments that are made in the KX News story are chilling. I listen to, watch, and read about True Crime on the daily. Both of these women's accounts sound like something you might hear on a True Crime format.

I can't imagine trying to live life where I feel unsafe, because of another person, on a day-to-day basis. And it can't be easy to deal with such a trauma in a town as small as Garrison.

If there is more information that develops on this story, make sure to check back for an update!

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