Something For The Kids

You wouldn't expect it, but the Morton County Sheriff's Department could use a donation like this. Officers do, on occasion, encounter children, and having these toys handy can make for a more kid-friendly and fun experience. And who doesn't love Beanie Babies?

Buncha' Beanie Babies!

The department recently received a large donation of Beanie Babies. They shared this news to their Facebook page yesterday afternoon (April 26th).

Morton County Sheriff's Office, Facebook
Morton County Sheriff's Office, Facebook

The department says it will find good homes for the toys.

The Beanie Baby Myth

Looking through the comments on the post, people are saying these could be worth some serious money, but is that true? There's been a long-time belief that you should save beanie babies because they could be worth a lot of money.

Many say this isn't true; there are only a few that are worth anything, and the ones worth good money can't be sold because no one is buying them. Honestly, I think at one time or another, we all believed we could get rich from Beanie Babies. I may or may not still have a few myself.

Even if some of the Beanie Babies are worth a little something in the way of money, I think it's worth a whole lot more to bring the smile the Beanie Baby would bring to a child's face.

A Giving Heart

To the kind soul that parted with their Beanie Baby collection in hopes they would bring joy to the kiddos of our community, you are very much appreciated. And... I'm sure the department would be happy to receive other toy donations in the future.


Morton County Sheriff Facebook
Morton County Sheriff Facebook




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