An early Christmas present? We'll take it

Winter is here, the weather definitely getting colder, and ready or not, the holiday season has arrived. Have you been humming along to that Christmas classic "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" lately? Seems like just yesterday that the temps were reaching 100 degrees, and we were all eye-balling another rise, the cost of gas.

We're you afraid the $4 mark was coming?

For a while, it seemed like there was "Panic at the pumps", as the price of gasoline kept rising. When it cost around $3.30 a gallon about a month ago, I know several Bismarck/Mandan residents that were basically talking to themselves saying over and over again "It's coming, pretty soon we'll all be paying over $4 bucks a gallon" Well we never did get that high. The average price of gas in the United States according to is $3.34. Which state would you guess is the highest? If you said California, you are correct, they checked in at a whopping $4.70 last month. The lowest state was Oklahoma, at $2.92. So why are the prices of gas dropping around the country now?

If you don't have to fill up your tank all the time, and you just noticed the cost of gas has gone down, what would be your guess for the reason why?

I find this very interesting, according to the "The discovery of the omicron coronavirus variant in late November is among the factors driving prices down. Scientists say it could take weeks to better understand the variant. The uncertainty has meant big price swings for crude oil, which is refined into gasoline"

Enjoy the lower prices, and of course, now that we are officially into the winter season, always have at least a half tank of gas.

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