"Write what you know."

It's a Mark Twain quote that especially rings true here.  I'm not a writer. I've never been a farmer.  So, I'm going to simply suggest you read a pair of articles written by people that know what they write.

I read enough to have an outsider's thoughts on subjects like soybeans.  Soybeans were a target of tariffs from China in retaliation to tariffs by the United States. To relieve some of the stress to the US soybean farmers, the government kicked in the difference. Please realize that's an over generalization of a personal situation.

I'm also of such an age, where government funds such as these were referred to as a subsidy.  A noble process that provides protection for the unpredictable nature of the agriculture business.

In a pandemic year that reaches far into farms as well, soybean producers, and really many crop producers, had good harvesting conditions and in many markets, prices were pretty good.  For soybeans, that's due in part to a depression in South American markets.

I'm naive to being reliant on market prices. But, there seems to be now more than ever, a gamble that's gotta be different from the days of spring wheat and winter wheat.  I have never once driven a tractor across a field...even if you haven't either, you've come this far so I bet this article from AgWeek will drive your interest.  Go ahead and click it...the controversial one is up next.  You got time.

Farmers and livestock producers have so much at stake every year.

Now for the article that I also thought provocative, as it seems to reflect optimism about the incoming Administration and the Ag relationship that could develop.  It's from Ag Update.

Hopefully you read that story. More serious issues always remain.  But, let's hope we tackle them together.

Stay safe and prosper y'all.

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