Politically, there can as much division inside a party as there is between the actual warring political parties. As we entered 2020, the news cycle was politics, politics, and more politics.  Democrats were viciously battling through the Primary season and they were at EACH OTHER'S THROATS!  By mid-March, COVID-19 wiped politics off the news cycle.  It stole that cycle and is still riding it pretty much solo.  Remember Michael Bloomberg? Nope, me neither.

Well news now broke that Governor Burgum is helping bankroll a Political Action Committee that appears to be targeting a powerful ND Legislator. A Legislator that is a decades-long member of Burgum's own party.  It instantly opened a flood of absolute disbelief from many other of the governor's own party members.

“He’s forming his own good old boys club,” said Republican state Rep. Rick Becker, of Bismarck, an ultraconservative and former gubernatorial candidate who has taken to social media criticizing Burgum and his political maneuvering. “He’s being very ‘handsy’ in trying to get a Legislature which will abide by his desires politically.”

Shocking I say! "Good Old Boys" club? Unbelievable!

Oh, please...

North Dakota may not have swamps to clear but there's plenty of sloughs that need a little draining.  Every state has it's factions, and every faction want's to play with their own ball.  You can play too if you like- but when it's suppertime, they're taking THEY'RE ball home.

President Trump has exhibited similar behavior against in-party rivals and initiated Twitter storms against his party members that are not falling in line.  I'm certain there's circumstances of every President, every Governor, every Legislator, every Alderman, and every public official; including the Dog Catcher, being guilty of stirring up their own political pots for their own political advantages.

So it goes...but watch out- those sloughs can be awfully muddy.


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