NBA training camps may have only just opened, but Gregg Popovich is already in midseason form.

The San Antonio Spurs coach, who is notoriously terse during interviews, decided to have some fun when NBA TV reporter Jared Greenberg threw some questions his way as the team's camp opened.

Whether it's the beard or new acquisition LaMarcus Aldridge, Popovich was on his game with his answers. Credit Greenberg for rolling with the punches and taking it in good humor when he realizes the joke is on him.

Popovich, who's been patrolling the sidelines in San Antonio since 1996, has won five titles with the team and will most likely bring his dour attitude to the arena each and every game this season.

If you need a refresher in just how short Popovich can be when the microphone is in his face, take a look at some of his memorable moments below:

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