To celebrate International Beer Day, let's look back at all the times we've talked about the alcoholic beverage in the past 365 days.

International Beer Day has been celebrated since 2007 on the first Friday in August. Maybe it only comes once a year, but we certainly like to talk about it an awful lot. In chronological order, here's what we've discussed...

August 6, 2016Beer Still Not Allowed At Bison Game in Fargodome, But That Could Change in 2017

Update: It's 2017, and beer still isn't allowed at Bison games at the Fargodome.

September 1, 2016Time to Celebrate the Economic Benefits of Beer in North Dakota

Update: The beer industry remains profitable in North Dakota.

It seems we were pretty sober in fall and winter before posting about beer again in February.

February 3, 2017‘Game of Thrones’ S7 Wraps: Emilia Clarke Lip-Syncs, HBO Sets New Beers

Update: "Game of Thrones" beers are still cool.

March 2, 2017The Best 'Beer Bar' in North Dakota Has Been Picked by Voters

Update: Check back next year to see what was named Best 'Beer Bar' for 2018.

April 7, 2017 (National Beer Day) : The Best Beer In North Dakota is Where?

Update: Our source for this article pretty much just copied the source for our previous article about beer.

April 7, 2017Have a Drink on Anna Kendrick, Will Ferrell and More in The Funniest Celebrity Beer Commercials

Update: The Anna Kendrick beer commercial is still our favorite.

April 13, 2017The Ten Commandments of Beer with Clamato

Update: Beer with Clamato is still popular.

April 24, 2017North Dakota Beers Made the List of ‘Best Beers in America’

Update: Men's Journal hasn't given us a shoutout since we wrote that.

April 25, 2017 (Apparently, we drank a lot in April): South Dakota Man Arrested for Trying to Save Beer in a Fire

Update: Bud Ice Premium is not worth risking your life for.

July 5, 2017North Dakotas’ Official Beer According to Thrillist

Update: We're disappointed in our nearly three-month hiatus (from April to early July) of not writing about beer.

July 7, 2017ND Heritage Center’s Night At the Museum: Chocolate & Beer

Update: There's always room for chocolate and beer.

August 4, 2017: Happy International Beer Day, North Dakota! Cheers!

Update: If you're reading this on August 4th, there's still time to celebrate International Beer Day (as long as you're of age). If it's not August 4th, celebrate anyway, and do so responsibly. Cheers!