Nice bust Beulah!

Now, going with the KFYR-TV story you can peek at here...it seems to be a Hazen man getting busted in Beulah.  Before you say "duh", there is a major distinction between Beulah and Hazen, it's not like Bismarck/Mandan, where Bismarck forgot Mandan was still there. Bismarck, 'member them?

No sir, Beulah and Hazen both have a lake recreation mentality and may very well wish the other town would just sink into the big lake. So for Beulah to get the big bust is most likely with the cooperation of the good folks at the Hazen PD as they all knew who this guy was, because...wait for it...

He had 6 pounds of Meth on him, and one hundred and four grams of Heroin! Also $50,000 of the hard earned money of Hazen and Beulah locals.  What, you thought he brought it to make change? OK, maybe he made a deal in Sidney MT first...but this guy was really loaded!  I suspect literally, but dude, don't dip into your stash.

So for a pound of meth this website says it should be between $9,000-$13,000 a pound, so let's be North Dakota Nice on the price and give him $10,000 a pound!  Well done buddy...so that's another $60,000 cash. So, let's check out heroin's street value....OK,  let's be conservative and say $225 a gram- that's $23,400.  For a total of...

$23,400 heroin

$60,000 meth

$50,000 cash

$15 for the pipe he got caught with.

Total...$133,415 in my humble estimate.  I expect the total to be closer to a half million when officials crunch the numbers. Apparently, the perp has a $50,000 bail.  If I was him I'd ask if I could just use my "spare cash" for bail. Ya got it anyways.

Really nice bust Beulah...folks in Bismarck/Mandan and beyond got some junk off the highway.  GO BLUE!

ps...below are the best places to retire. Hazen/Beulah should be on the list- they're fun places.

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