Minnesota must have enough of its own land to continue destroying in the Iron Range.

North Dakota has the Badlands and South Dakota is home to the Black Hills.  The rest of our states are a bit of a yawn in the eye candy department. Now it seems Minnesota-based F-3 Gold wants to start ripping up ground in The Mount Rushmore State.

Worst of all they want to ruin the good-looking part of South Dakota.


Public comments are still being accepted for a proposal for exploratory drilling in the Black Hills National Forest!  This isn't desolate Buffalo South Dakota, where no one would ever know, F-3 Gold wants to start drilling near the Lake Pactola Reservoir.

The U.S. Forest Service has given preliminary approval.

The draft decision would allow for drilling in the future allowing for 47 drilling pads on more than 3 acres right around Jenny Gulch. Gold mining has historically been pretty big business in the area.  There's a reason it's called Black Hills Gold.  But the Homestake mine in Lead South Dakota has been shut down for two decades.  It was once the largest and deepest gold mine in North Dakota.

Arsenic, mercury, and cyanide are used in processing gold.

But you gotta break a few eggs am I right? Not everyone is on board with some Minnesota company tearing up the good-looking part of South Dakota and bringing all the gold back to the Twin Cities. But at least they'll leave the arsenic. Or so say the Black Hills Clean Water Alliance.  Their group believes there's potential to pollute the water supply for Rapid City and tribal communities. Plus they have a catchy motto.

"Stop radioactive & destructive mining in the black hills."

"Radioactive mining"?  That's got some sizzle to it. I may have to change my headline.  While South Dakota is going back in time for gold mining, North Dakota is paving the way by building massive facilities for bitcoin mining.


Whether that adventure turns out to be "fools gold" still remains to be seen.


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