Get ready for a "sea of extra grumpy people" this upcoming Monday morning

Yep, it's that time when we all feel like we were robbed of sleep, and darn it that's because of "spring forward". The dreaded "daylight savings time" is this weekend. I'm almost positive about 99.9 % of everyone who goes through this torturous ordeal hates it. So why do we keep getting punished? When will we as North Dakotans get a break?

I see where Minnesotans might be getting their act together...

...although we hear this "could happen soon" every year. The conversation picked up again about finally having something possibly done and putting us out of our misery, or at least those that live in Minnesota. Minnesota Representative from St. Paul, Mike Freiberg is one of those that are sick and tired of this dumb time transition. According to "[We] have to adjust our schedules in the middle of the night twice a year for no discernable reason that's relevant to modern society that I could figure out,...And I've heard from many constituents who feel the same." - So here is hoping that Freilberg's push for a bill to switch the stupid daylight saving time to permanent in the State of Minnesota will succeed, and then somehow get North Dakota to take the same idea and follow through.

How many times has Congress heard from us until they finally throw clocks out the window?

The unfortunate thing is reality, we all gripe and log our complaints but will we EVER see daylight savings time take a hike?


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