Earlier this week, the Bismarck Tribune posted a cryptic story about a Mandan police officer was under investigation and being placed on administrative leave. At the time, there was no further information. But KFYR-TV just gave an update with a lot of  disturbing information on the previously unspecified situation.

According to KFYR-TV, there were court documents filed, on Monday (Novermber 16), accusing Mandan police officer Scott Warzecha of some very disturbing behavior. The news station reports that a minor found Officer Warzecha's phone recording in the exhaust vent of a bathroom. The video had recorded the minor undressing and getting in-and-out of the shower. And there was even another video of the minor on Officer Scott Warzecha's cell phone. Get the full story from KFYR-TV here.

News like this is beyond chilling, no matter how many times we hear and read about these stories. I can't imagine how violated, scared, and terrible the victim must feel. I also can't imagine how hurt, betrayed, and angry the victim's family must feel. An event such as voyeurism against a minor like that must be scarring beyond most people's comprehension.

Of course, the news of this is new and ongoing and there will be some time before we know the outcome of this case. So, I know we can't actually say much about the situation. I just hope that justice is served - even though it really never can be. One can't simply undo the kind of damage that was done to this young victim.

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