I love sports, there is something electric in watching game seven of the World Series (even though MY San Diego Padres are never in it), the tension, the drama, and the celebration of a game-winning home run. However, the real magic is in high school sports. Last year, COVID-19 took away all of our chances to be there in person, when the bantering back and forth, from both sides of the stands, rooting for their local school "We got spirit how about you?". We are now slowly able to attend events, and it's even more spectacular. What appeals to me the most, is that these high school athletes are not only competing for their school, but they are learning what sportsmanship is all about. Sure they want to win, but it's the way they handle themselves through a tough loss. Playing together as one, teamwork.

Last Saturday morning in Mandan there was a special moment, a pure one-of-a-kind moment. A state diving event that put a lump into the throats of all that were there to see it and this was BEFORE all the action started. According to KFYRTV Jaron Coombs and Cody Kranz from Minot High, Kaden Schmidt of Jamestown, Dawson Wilson from Dickinson, and Bennett Vatnsdal of Bismarck High were visiting last week at WDA and discovered they’re all singers. In fact, all five are tenors.  These talented five young men got together with the help of the Mandan coach and athletic director and displayed TEAMWORK - despite being on different teams. Get this, they only practiced ONCE before their performance.

Thank you guys for giving us all chills.


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