Dakota Access Pipeline protesters have forced Highway 1806 south of Mandan to close.

In the last several days as construction workers began work on the Dakota Access Pipeline more people have joined in the protest to try and stop the construction.

Many individuals are concerned that the pipeline could cause pollution into nearby bodies of water and the pipeline will run through historic Native land.

According to the Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, officers have been threatened and there have been reports that people are showing up with pipe bombs and fireworks. There were also reports of assaults.

Due to escalated protests and safety concerns, Highway 1806 near the Veterans Memorial Cemetery is closed and traffic will be diverted to Highway 6.

Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier says construction in the area will not continue for an undetermined amount of time.

There are up to 2,000 people camping at the protest site.

More information on the road closure is available via this press release from the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

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