Hockey Day North Dakota is coming up on Saturday, January 21st to January 23rd in Jamestown, North Dakota.

These will be outdoor hockey games and will feature games with youth hockey teams both boys and girls, high school teams, and college.

Both the Bismarck High School Demons and Bismarck Century Patriots will be participating this year.

Bismarck High was a part of Hockey Day North Dakota two years ago back in Jamestown.  The Demons on a very chilly day played the Fargo South/Shanley Bruins.

The Demons will have their work cut out for them.

This year Bismarck High will play the number one ranked team in North Dakota, Grand Fork Red River.  The Rough Riders are off to a 4-0 start and look like the team to beat in North Dakota once again this year.  Bismarck Century will face another Grand Forks team the Central Knights.  Grand Forks Central has been such a dominant team in North Dakota hockey over the years.  However, they are off to a slow start this year with a current record of 2-3.

The Bismarck High Demons are currently 3-0 in the Western Dakota Conference in first place with 12 points and 3-1 overall.  Bismarck High last played Grand Forks Red River two years ago in Bismarck and lost 5-2.

Bismarck Century is off to an unusually slow start.

The Patriots are currently 1-3 on the season after losing a lot of offense to graduation last season.  Century does have three senior goaltenders and that looks to be one of the strengths for the Pats this year.

Both Bismarck High and Bismarck Century are expected to play on Saturday, January 22nd in Jamestown, although the official schedule and game times have not been released.  The games will take place at  UJ Campus near Wilson Arena.


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