Seems we're going to get an in-your-head COVID perspective from Joel Heitkamp morning host on Bismarck's Supertalk 1270.  That's on the AM side of the dial y'all. I know there's no "dial" anymore, but Bismarck/Mandan find your AM and find


Yep, usually people leave it to the small print disclaimer at the end of a story, but full disclosure, I am also employed by Townsquare Media. But, I don't work elbow to elbow with Joel, since the story has hit the Associated Press, I'll share with you what I've learned.

“I am in a part of the process where it’s certainly after talking with people in the medical field, it certainly looks as though I’m going to be one of the lucky ones in terms of how this has infected me, in terms of how I’m going to feel throughout this process, not going to feel good, not going to feel great,” Heitkamp said Thursday while doing his show remotely.

So, Joel will be continuing the program while he is in quarantine. A setup that is entirely possible thanks to a great team of engineers.  So let's just see how Joel holds up.  This ain't a pity party, but it seems to me that Joel has the age and the girth (professionally and personally) to make this a great listen.  That said, COVID-19 kills. We saw it recently with a robust political figure running in North Dakota. Hopefully, Joel shares with us a perspective in his News and Views program that lands home the reality that this virus is invasive and particularly dangerous, not just to those 80 and older, but to us all.

Be well Joel, and all that are dealing with this pandemic. Would certainly be be nice if it did just all go away.  Seems it's not.


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