Seriously, someone tell me because I have no idea.

Give me a sec and I'll peek at the website.

OK, now I feel a little wiser. Which is good, because this Monday from 11 AM to 2 PM we'll be broadcasting live from a Costco sign up station.  I'm sure you've seen them all across Bismarck/Mandan, I'll be hunkering down at the Space Aliens location if you want to swing by and sign up.

Not trying to sound like a dope here, but it seems you have to sign up to be a member and are issued a card which is the only way you can shop at Costco. When entering the store, you are allowed to bring in your kids and up to two guests.  The guests can look, just not buy anything.  So obviously there's gotta be some pretty darn good deals if you have to sign up to shop there.

Costco Profits Rise In Weak Economy
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I was told that everyone that signs up before the store opens will automatically be entered to win a 10 Year Gold Star Membership.  There's also a bunch more incentives and offers when you sign up.  They'll give you all the details when you stop by one of the sign up stations. But don't wait until you get to the store to sign up as I'm sure there's going to be a line...nobody likes a line.

Having never been a card carrying member of any sort of retail establishment, Monday's going to be an enjoyable learning experience.  Plus maybe they'll let me stand by the street and spin the arrow sign too.

As a chicken lover, I'm told once they open I need to get me one of these.

Supermarkets Compete In Premium Beef Market
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