It's National North Dakota Day, make sure you get her something nice. We all remember last year...

Toilet paper!  On National North Dakota Day you got her TOILET PAPER!   Looking back, it was actually a pretty practical gift.  But that's not really what a state wants on her special day.

So April 19th is not North Dakota's Birthday, that would be November 2, 1889.  Old girl looks pretty darn good as she'll be 132 this fall.  Both North and South Dakota were admitted on the same day with crafty President Benjamin Harrison shuffling the papers before signing them so nobody would be certain which was admitted first.  North Dakota is the 39th state and South Dakota is listed as the 40th.  It's reported to be that way because North Dakota comes first alphabetically.  We all know it's because mom liked us best.

Here's why today is OUR day!

OK, so nobody actually get's the day off.  Not even Marlo Anderson gets the day off and he runs the National Day Calendar Website from right here in North Dakota!

I'm a little lost on what we should be doing on National North Dakota Day.  Fly a kite?  Shovel some snow? Go ice fishing? Drink a Busch Light?  Drink six Busch Lights?

Have a darn good North Dakota Day everybody- before you leave, check out this list of famous North Dakotans!  (yay!)


Famous Folks From North Dakota



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