Pretty hard to imagine it was not long ago that we had a blizzard come in and socked us in for a few days

The skies are blue, the temps soaring here in July, but man back in April it seemed like we would never bask in the summer sun, but isn't that always the case here in North Dakota? We may have a winter or two in a row where we come out basically unscathed and dodging heavy blizzards, but unfortunately, this year wasn't one of those. I have to admit, I've been pretty lucky, for I have lived in North Dakota for over 8 years and I never experienced anything close to what I saw just three months ago.

I'm sure like many other Bismarck/Mandan residents when the blizzard is in full power mode you worry about losing power

I had that fear constantly, "What if?" everything I take for granted. Montana-Dakota-Utilities is always aware of everyone's concern, and because of their unbelievable efforts during the terrible weather conditions, they were recently recognized nationally. According to "The utility was presented with the Edison Electric Institute’s Emergency Response Award last month for their storm recovery and assistance efforts after more than 18,000 customers lost power. Despite the severity of the storm, MDU was able to restore power ahead of schedule, having all customers online within two weeks" That to me is huge, heroic efforts kept people safe. It's pretty nice to know even thru such a torrential mess, that there are men and women going way beyond the call of service to make sure BisMan is taken care of.

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